Strategic Legal Innovation

  • Position AI strategically within organisation and start  innovation team
  • Create AI-centric organisation and strategic AI portfolio
  • Client centric innovation

AI Prototypes

  • Let us  develop AI prototypes for your legal organisation in a cost effective way
  • Focus on your core business activities rather than  AI expertise in-house
  • Take full advantage of our AI experience 

AI Thought Leadership

  • "Big Law and AI" -  AI Summit, New York 2016
  •  "Legal Services Innovation" - Law Society contribution 2016
  •  "What Warren Buffet and AI have in common" - London 2017 

World Class AI Expertise

  • World-class experts that almost no one in world can match
  • Award winning AI track record
  • Active LegalTech Hackathon participants and winners  

AI Enabled IT

  •  Make your  IT AI-ready
  •  AI use case development 
  •  Optimise and integrate AI and IT portfolio and budget
  • Develop EA artifacts for AI effort 

Social Impact of AI

We actively work with charities and legal aid agencies to lift their artificial intelligence capabilities to enable further democratization of AI and disruptive technologies to provide examples of artificial intelligence and legal innovation

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