When was AI.Legal Labs founded ?

AI.Legal Labs started officially in October 2017 under legal name of AI.Legal Labs Ltd. 

How is AI. Legal different from other AI vendors ?

We are not-yet-another consultancy and/or vendor- we do what we know the best produce AI prototypes. They speak for themselves. 

What is AI.Legal Labs value proposition ?

We do very cost effective AI-prototypes that saves you money and time. You should focus on your core business - doing your legal work while do what we do best - AI prototypes. 

Is this only technology shop ?

In our experience it is never only about the technology and more specifically in legal, the culture and mind-set for adoption of AI requires multiple set of skills, engagement on multiple levels and right execution. We bring those unique skills and experiences of implementation of AI in large law firm. 

What kind of prototypes are you developing ?

You can find our current list of prototypes at our Prototype page.

What profile of people are you looking for ?

We are looking for AI beginners and  AI experts, as well legal professionals wiling and motivated to learn AI and relevant technologies. If interested get in touch.